Slab Stinger

Don’t let the simple design of the Slab Stinger fool you, as it is a proven limit taker!The round tapered tail has a unique swimming action in the water, that like a small child, can’t be still. The soft, supple yet tough material used to make this bait convinces a crappie to bite and not let go.


The body is 1/4″ in dia. and 3/4″ in length. Overall length with the tail is 2″.


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Slab Stinger - Black Emerald Shiner
Body: Solid black with silver glitter Tail: Semi-Transparent silver grey with fine silver hologra..
Slab Stinger - Blue/Glo-Treuse
Body: Blue with a blue pearl sheen and Silver glitter Tail: Opaque chartreuse loaded with Chartre..
Slab Stinger - Candy cane
Body: Bright red Tail: Bright white Package contains 14 lures *****UV LIGHT ENHANCED***** ..
Slab Stinger - Citric Acid
Body: Semi-transparent Flourscent Orange with Orange glitter Tail: Solid Chartreuse loaded with C..
Slab Stinger - Copper Mine
*****NEW COLOR***** Body: Transparent Cinnamon with Copper glitter Tail: Green Chartreuse with..
Slab Stinger - Copperhead Blues
Body: Copperhead with orange glitter & a slight blue pearl sheen Tail: Dark transparent blue ..
Slab Stinger - E Tx Killer
Body: Light Blue with Silver glitter Tail: Opaque green chartreuse loaded with Chartreuse Super G..
Slab Stinger - Electric Chicken
Body: Pearlized pink Tail: Chartreuse green with gold glitter Package contains 14 lures ***..
Slab Stinger – Firecracker
Single Color: Clear transparent with red and blue glitter Package contains 14 lures *****..
Slab Stinger – Girls Night Out Glo
IMPROVED COLOR FORMULA!!! Great for Fishing at night, low light conditions, or murky, muddy water! ..
Slab Stinger - Glo-Treuse
IMPROVED FORMULA!!! Glows BRIGHTER & Charge lasts LONGER Single color: Opague chartreuse l..
Slab Stinger - Go-To Greenie
Body: Bright white Tail: Bright green chartreuse Package contains 14 lures *****UV LIGHT EN..
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