3" Magnum Tadpole

After still receiving even more requests for more styles of a  "Larger Profile Bait" and the best selling features of the 2" Tadpole - We are excited to be adding the 3' Magnum Tadpole to our  product line!

It's an undisputed fact that "Big Baits catch Big Fish!" Have you ever tipped a jig with a minnow????? You were using a "Larger Profile Bait"!

The 3" Tadpole is an "action" profile bait with a very unique vertial blade shaped tail that has a great, natural side to side action that fish cannot resist.

With a total length of 3-1/8"s, the lure is complete with eyes and legs for addition action and water displacement. This body style also minics the profile of a shad!!! 

A #1 or 1/0 jig hook is recommended due to the thick body of this lure

We will be adding more choices of this lure in our best selling colors as soon as possible!!!

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3" Magnum Tadpole - Black Emerald Shiner
*****BEST SELLING COLOR!***** Top: Solid black with silver glitter Bottom: Semi-Transparent si..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Blue Glo-Treuse
Bottom: Opaque chartreuse loaded with Chartreuse Super Glow pigment & silver string glitter Top..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Citric Acid
Top: Semi-transparent Flourscent Orange with Orange glitter Bottom: Solid Chartreuse loaded with ..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Copper Mine
*****NEW COLOR***** Top: Transparent Cinnamon with Copper glitter Bottom: Green Chartreuse wit..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Electric Chicken
Bottom: Chartreuse green with gold glitter Back: Pearlized pink Package contains 10 lures *..
3" Magnum Tadpole - East Texas Killer
Bottom: Opaque green chartreuse loaded with Chartreuse Super Glow pigment & silver string glitte..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Firecracker
Single Color: Clear transparent with a slight blue tint. Silver, red & blue glitter. Packa..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Girls Nite Out Glo
Bottom: Flourescent pink with Super Charged Red Glow additive  Top: Black with pink glitter ..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Go-To Greenie
Top: Bright white Bottom: Bright green chartreuse Package contains 10 lures *****UV LIGHT E..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Grape Banana
Bottom: Transparent Flourescent Yellow Chartreuse with Chartreuse glitter Top: Dark Smokey Grape wi..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Ice Shad
Bottom: Pearlized Silver Top: Smokey Flourescent Blue with Silver Hologram glitter Package conta..
3" Magnum Tadpole - Lime Glo-Treuse
Top: Green Chart with Chartreuse Super Glow Bottom: Chartreuse with Chartreuse Super Glow Pack..
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