About Us

Thermocline Lures was created with one purpose in mind - TO HELP YOU CATCH MORE AND LARGER FISH !!!

The normal mind set in the tackle industry is you that have to catch the fisherman first, which is a true statement. Here at Thermocline Lures we understand this, but go the extra mile to ensure that our lures catch fish, which is your ultimate goal. All our colors go through extensive field testing across the state to ensure that they are color combinations that actually work in field conditions.

We hand craft our lures to ensure the best product possible. Our lures go through strict inspections during all phases of the production & packaging process to ensure that you get a quality product. We have developed a base material that is tough, yet soft and supple to ensure the fish hold onto the bait when they are not in a feeding frenzy.

We can also custom make colors to your specifications.

Call 903-588-0129 with any questions ;-)

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